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L’aquatech Co., Ltd. will be the number one company in the special construction business. In terms of sales, product quality, service and staff quality Which is committed to human development, job development, quality care and ongoing service.

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Fireproofing for steel structures.

Protherm Steel intumescent paint is a fire protection system for fireproof steel structures from 1-3 hours.

Fire protection cementitious on steel structures can fire from 1 to 4 hours according to ASTM E119.

Separating the area of fire.

Work automatically When the power goes out or there is a fire to quarantine smoke and fire Not to spread to other spots And protect people in the building to evacuate Escape from the building safely.

The system will help extract the fumes that occur at the point of fire. Enhances the safety of the building Because smoke is the top danger of fire.

Manufactured from premium materials such as Zincalume / ZACS or Galvanized Steel. Fire resistant for 1, 2 and 4 hours. Tested in world-class certified fire engineering laboratories - BRANZ and SIRIM.

Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board system can be used with ceilings, trap walls and covering the main structure to achieve a fire resistance rate of 1 - 4 hours.