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L’aquatech Co., Ltd. will be the number one company in the special construction business. In terms of sales, product quality, service and staff quality Which is committed to human development, job development, quality care and ongoing service.

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Cementitious Spray

Add durability to the structure

Fire protection from 1 - 4 hours

Certified by UL.

L’AQUATECH Co., ltd. has been officially appointed by GCP Applied Technologies Holdings (Thailand) Limited, the manufacturer of cement, fireproofing, Monokote to be the sole distributor in Thailand, equipped with a team of installers with over 10 years of experience in accordance with ASTM E 119, including equipment that can support all levels of work.

Fire protection isn’t just a good thing to have in a steel-framed building — it’s required by the building code. MONOKOTE® is an industry-leading fireproofing material for skyscrapers and critical infrastructure. More than simply a code-compliant product, MONOKOTE® fireproofing brings with it over 50 years of proven performance in the field. It’s easy for contractors to apply and it is backed by worldwide technical and field support specialists from GCP Applied Technologies. This ensures that no matter how a building gets built, MONOKOTE® fireproofing will offer the highest grade of performance (GCP Applied Technologies Inc., 2019).

Monokote MK-6/HY

Cementitious Gypsum Based Fireproofing with non – mineral fiber, suitable for interior steel structure and unexposed area.

Monokote Z106/HY

Cement Based Fireproofing with medium density. Able to be plastered or whitewashed when used for indoor area.

Monokote Z146

Cement Based Fireproofing with highest density, suitable for both interior and exterior steel structure or an exposed area and able to be plastered or whitewashed for decorative purposes. MONOKOTE® Z-146 may be used in areas where high durability is required.