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L’aquatech Co., Ltd. will be the number one company in the special construction business. In terms of sales, product quality, service and staff quality Which is committed to human development, job development, quality care and ongoing service.

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Fire Rated Ceiling and Walls

UL, ASTM, BS 476 Pt20

Certified by leading institutions worldwide

Easy to cut off, resistant to strong vibrations

Heat resistant at 1000 ° C for more than 3 hours.

Fire and explosion proof Fireproof Composite Sheet consists of Fiber reinforced cement, bonded with mechanical systems, can be cut easily Good resistance to vibrations Certified by world-class institutions such as UL, ASTM, BS 476 Pt20, able to withstand sudden temperature change and withstand heat at 1000 ° C for not less than 3 hours. It is strong and stable. Whether before or after a fire can be installed on ceilings, walls, light floors, fire doors, shaft work systems or openings.

Fireproof wall design must have calculations and standards for the following specifications.

Calculation of steel structures must consider the stability of fire protection. This must consider the height and width of that partition

Restrictions on locations, buildings, usages, etc. must be taken into account when calculating the design.

Believe in products and systems With international quality that is recognized around the world

Promat, a subsidiary of Belgium’s workdwide Etex Group has Promat products that are widely recognized as a factory fire protection leader. That can help to find solutions at the international level to fire protection performance And safety equipment Including systems that are continuously researched Initiative development And a deep understanding of how to protect lives, property, buildings and the environment is important

With knowledge And expertise that has more than that decade With the strategy of establishing factories in 6 countries in the middle of different major economic centers Proving the ability And high standards of sustainability with ISO 14001 standards that provide product certification As well as Promat’s special professional systems for quality And sustainability