EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)


Firestone EPDM rubber produced from a reaction between ethylene and propylene. And together with synthetic rubber. Under quality control at the factory Prescott, AR and Kingstree, SC experience. And success in Tyre for over a century. Combined with the efforts in the industry. Make today a Firestone EPDM rubber products are known and recognized throughout the world.

The materials are the best waterproofing system. Imported from the United States to be installed up to 55 feet wide and 200 feet long to the joints between the sheets. It also has a modern joint using adhesive with high viscosity. The problem of joint sealants under the craftsmanship and can be installed either on the roof of concrete, steel, wood and gypsum.


Flexibility and strength.
Installation is easy or hard rubber, depending on the structure of the roof. Rubber flexible but should not exceed 300% of its original length because it looks only at the thermal contraction or expansion of rubber is pulled taut to prevent fluid resistant to scratches and wear marks.

Rubber, lightweight and designed to be used in a variety formats.
Firestone EPDM rubber sheet, weighs only 0.5 pounds per square feet is also available in a variety of patterns and put together in a flat on the ground to the roof. Design used in old or new.

Working on the roof.
Rubber is UV resistant rubber helps in this kind of feature in the resistance to degradation from sunlight, oxygen, ozone, heat and chemicals. It is also resistant to acid and alkaline conditions, too.

firestone4 EPDM2

Accepted standards.
Firestone EPDM rubber has been certified by UL, which is available for all types of roof construction depends on the decision. Variety of plants and facilities. We found that the standard certificate authorities that the BOCA, ICBO, SBCC and Metro Dade globally recognized standards such as UL Canada, BBA, DIN7814, Part1 German, ATG, Belgium, and the Netherlands KOMIO ATTEST.

More information. www.firestonebpe.Com
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